Feeling cramped? Growing family, but not growing home? You may be thinking it is time to relocate to gain the space your family needs. Before you do that, consider these top situations when home additions make more sense than relocating:

  • Location – Do you love where you live? If the neighborhood is ideal and everything you want is close by, including your job, finding something larger in the same area may be more challenging than you think. Relocating could mean a school change for your kids, shopping in new places, and other inconveniences that can make moving less feasible.
  • Relocation Costs – There are numerous upfront and hidden costs involved with relocating to consider. Not only will you have to buy moving supplies, but also rent a truck, fuel the truck and/or hire help for the move. On top of that, you have the closing costs involved with both selling your home and buying another one. These are all expenditures that provide you with no lasting benefit. Home additions, on the other hand, provide increased value for your home that can often be recouped later.
  • Love Your Home – If you love everything about your current home, except its size, you might not want to give up that advantage. Home additions can be done to add to the home you love so you won’t run the risk of going with a larger, yet less lovable, home.

Here at Off Duty Fireman Construction Inc., we have the experience you need to plan the best way to accomplish home additions. If you have the available lot space to expand the main floor or you need to do an additional floor instead, we can provide you with the space you need!